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Tanja Cauchi - Saturday, June 11, 2011

15.11.1994 ~ 25.05.2011

To my “little cupcake”

How do I put in words what you meant to me? From the moment you spotted me at the Animal Welfare League when you were just 5 weeks old to that horrid day in May, you were my best friend.

I sit now and remember carrying you around in my hand, you always had to be with me wether it was sitting on the dressing table while I made beds or sitting on the sink while I washed up. I loved when I got home how you met me at the beginning of the driveway and I would open the door and in you would jump for your ride to the front door. Then when you went missing overnight I was frantic, but thank goodness for microchips and the next day I went to collect you. From that day you were only allowed out when I was home, so when I came home now, I was greeted with you on the back of the lounge, a big meow and kisses on my nose.

I loved how you jumped on lap and we could sit and just be together. You never judged me and loved me no matter how bad my hair looked.

I still expect to see you come running when you hear the fridge open for dinner, the house is certainly so empty without you. Leanne misses you too; bet that is something you never thought I would say, and Ginger and TJ and missing you as well.

I know you were with Ginger for 14 years; he is not coping well at all. I let him sit with your urn and he gives you smooches every night as I give you kisses.

I know that in my head I did the right thing taking you to the vet. My heart however tells me a different thing. I did not want my best friend to suffer at all. It was the least I could do for you no matter how I felt.

I also know that you knew it was time and I will never forget driving to the vet when you placed your paw in my hand and that’s how we drove there.

Thank you for 17 wonderful, fun, loving, funny, years Spocky. I know we will meet again and when we do you will be well again and not in any pain. Until then know that I will think of you every day and always include you in my prayers.

Remember what I told you, give Puss Puss and George a hug and kisses from mummy, and don’t go chasing them around up there in heaven.

Lastly a piece of my heart went with you when you passed away, keep it safe and I will take it back when we are together again.

Lots and lots of love cheeky monkey


Mum, Leanne and your brothers

Ginger and TJ xxxxxxxxxxx
Jessica commented on 31-Jan-2012 06:02 PM
It can tell you really loved Spocky and i am very sorry for your loss. I have just lost my best friend and i know how it feels. Spocky is now happy and you 2 will meet up again one day but for now remeber that Spocky is healthy and happy and out of pain
and will always be with you in your heart.

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