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Taya - our beloved little princess

Tanja Cauchi - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We were privileged to share our lives with you for only 5 years but what wonderful years those were! Because we already had two boisterous boys at home (both rescue doggies too) we decided to foster you for a few months. But from the first day you arrived home, we knew we could not part so you joined our family. You were such a feisty, confident little girl, always trying to 'top' the boys.

~ from Mummy ~

Miss you taking me for a walkie - you knew the way and did not let me get away with changing the route!
Miss you coming to the front door to greet me and trying to talk - I have many videos recorded you of replying 'hawo' over and over again to my hello and when I said 'I love you' you always replied 'iwoviu' - I know you were trying to tell me you loved me too.
Miss you letting me know it is our 'beddie' time - you were very persistent...
Miss you sharing fruit with me - mangoes and pears were your favourite!
Miss cuddling you in my arms and watching you sleep.
Miss the 'good night' rituals - you would not settle until you had 3 tiny pieces of biscuit and a kiss on the little head.

~ from Bobby ~

Miss the touch of your soft mouth on my slipper gobbling up food I had placed there for you
And your hard little head with its flowing white locks
And your ears twitching like little radars at the sound of our voices

All our love for a special and gentle soul xxxooo
We miss you always and forever.
We love you always and forever.
We hope your spirit is at peace and you are back in perfect health
Say hello to Chimpy and give him our love; he will look after you like he always did.

Till we meet again, all the love and kisses 
from Mummy and Bobby


Tanja Cauchi - Friday, February 24, 2012

~ Buster ~

My best mate, given to me by fate
When I was only 2 and couldn't even tie my shoe.
He was always there for me even though I couldn't always see
How much he really meant to me.

I will always remember the good times and the bad,
Even though the bad makes me sad.
At thirteen my special friend had to go
And I really just want to let him know

My little man close to the hearts of many,
You are loved very very much
And you would not know how much I would do,
For just one more touch.

By Jessica aged 11 – 2012

Jake - Our Beloved Boofhead

Tanja Cauchi - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~ Jake ~

Our Beloved 'Boofhead'

You gave us so much happiness, laughter, and love
You are truly missed by all of us
We will always love you and
cherish our memories of you

17.4.1999 - 3.12.2011

Boofhead Jake 17.4.1999 - 3.12.2011

Our Beloved Betsy

Tanja Cauchi - Monday, September 26, 2011


Tanja Cauchi - Saturday, June 11, 2011

15.11.1994 ~ 25.05.2011

To my “little cupcake”

How do I put in words what you meant to me? From the moment you spotted me at the Animal Welfare League when you were just 5 weeks old to that horrid day in May, you were my best friend.

I sit now and remember carrying you around in my hand, you always had to be with me wether it was sitting on the dressing table while I made beds or sitting on the sink while I washed up. I loved when I got home how you met me at the beginning of the driveway and I would open the door and in you would jump for your ride to the front door. Then when you went missing overnight I was frantic, but thank goodness for microchips and the next day I went to collect you. From that day you were only allowed out when I was home, so when I came home now, I was greeted with you on the back of the lounge, a big meow and kisses on my nose.

I loved how you jumped on lap and we could sit and just be together. You never judged me and loved me no matter how bad my hair looked.

I still expect to see you come running when you hear the fridge open for dinner, the house is certainly so empty without you. Leanne misses you too; bet that is something you never thought I would say, and Ginger and TJ and missing you as well.

I know you were with Ginger for 14 years; he is not coping well at all. I let him sit with your urn and he gives you smooches every night as I give you kisses.

I know that in my head I did the right thing taking you to the vet. My heart however tells me a different thing. I did not want my best friend to suffer at all. It was the least I could do for you no matter how I felt.

I also know that you knew it was time and I will never forget driving to the vet when you placed your paw in my hand and that’s how we drove there.

Thank you for 17 wonderful, fun, loving, funny, years Spocky. I know we will meet again and when we do you will be well again and not in any pain. Until then know that I will think of you every day and always include you in my prayers.

Remember what I told you, give Puss Puss and George a hug and kisses from mummy, and don’t go chasing them around up there in heaven.

Lastly a piece of my heart went with you when you passed away, keep it safe and I will take it back when we are together again.

Lots and lots of love cheeky monkey


Mum, Leanne and your brothers

Ginger and TJ xxxxxxxxxxx


Tanja Cauchi - Monday, May 23, 2011

Ode To Honey

If I could I would give all my money to have you close to me again my Honey.
Sadly I know in life everything has to end, but you will be loved in my heart my friend.

I'll remember how down through many years you faithfully shared our life through joys and tears
For nearly eighteen years you were by my side, as my devoted friend, companion and caring guide.


Tanja Cauchi - Friday, April 22, 2011

In loving Memory of Maxim.

Minnie Robertshaw

Tanja Cauchi - Friday, April 22, 2011

Minnie was a beautiful soul who gave us 12 years of delight, she was a little character, so loving and loyal.
We do miss her.

George Dunner

Tanja Cauchi - Monday, April 18, 2011

On the 8th of February, we lost our beloved Pomeranian, called George.  He was our absolute baby and our pride and joy.  As a puppy, George picked us - he clambered over his siblings just to get to us.  I continue to cry almost every day expecially as I write this memory of him.   It has taken me a long time to be able to write a story such of this - the loss has been devastating.   When he died, I couldn't breathe nor could I think.  My husband did all the enquiries and found Pet Memories.  I was really concerned that little George would not receive the farewell I wanted.  I didn't want George to be alone and to be treated as a just an animal.  I wanted him to be taken care of and never be left alone - George never wanted to be alone when he was alive let alone after his death.  The team at Pet Memories collected my boy from the vet directly.  The informed us of every step.  It took me a long time to write a memento for the memory plate that was attached to his urn.  The team were patient and understanding that I wanted it to be just right.  My little boy was delivered to my home and the Team stayed to talk with us to share our memories.  It was such a personal touch and I felt relieved - I took that breath that I hadn't been able to take.  Thank you for the team at Pet Memories. I recently had a reading and not surprisingly, George is here with me.  When I fell like I have ants on my feet, I know he is here.  Like right now - he is here.  People grieve differently and for me it is a slow process.  I wish I had him back and I still cannot go into the garage where all of his things are.  Thankfully I know that he was treated with dignity and respect after he died and I am absolutely grateful for the personal touches provided by Pet Memories to remind me that they treat there furry family members with the same care and attention we did with our George.  Thank you and I hope that others can accept our recommendation for Pet Memories to take care of your beloved family members.

Shawn and Taryn Dunner


Tanja Cauchi - Monday, February 28, 2011

Dedicated to Cuddles (Mar)
11 May 1997 - 20 Feb 2011

If I had known that on that day our time was near the end
I would have done things differently, my forever friend.
I would have stayed right next to you deep into the night
but I thought I'd see you in the early morning light.

And so I said "Good night" to you as I walked in through the door
never thinking of the time when I'd see you no more.
But if I had known that on that day our time was at the end
I would have done things so differently, my forever friend.

Love from Sharon, Mathew, Tristan, Britney, Aleisha and Katie
and playfriends White Sox and Casper