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George Dunner

Tanja Cauchi - Monday, April 18, 2011

On the 8th of February, we lost our beloved Pomeranian, called George.  He was our absolute baby and our pride and joy.  As a puppy, George picked us - he clambered over his siblings just to get to us.  I continue to cry almost every day expecially as I write this memory of him.   It has taken me a long time to be able to write a story such of this - the loss has been devastating.   When he died, I couldn't breathe nor could I think.  My husband did all the enquiries and found Pet Memories.  I was really concerned that little George would not receive the farewell I wanted.  I didn't want George to be alone and to be treated as a just an animal.  I wanted him to be taken care of and never be left alone - George never wanted to be alone when he was alive let alone after his death.  The team at Pet Memories collected my boy from the vet directly.  The informed us of every step.  It took me a long time to write a memento for the memory plate that was attached to his urn.  The team were patient and understanding that I wanted it to be just right.  My little boy was delivered to my home and the Team stayed to talk with us to share our memories.  It was such a personal touch and I felt relieved - I took that breath that I hadn't been able to take.  Thank you for the team at Pet Memories. I recently had a reading and not surprisingly, George is here with me.  When I fell like I have ants on my feet, I know he is here.  Like right now - he is here.  People grieve differently and for me it is a slow process.  I wish I had him back and I still cannot go into the garage where all of his things are.  Thankfully I know that he was treated with dignity and respect after he died and I am absolutely grateful for the personal touches provided by Pet Memories to remind me that they treat there furry family members with the same care and attention we did with our George.  Thank you and I hope that others can accept our recommendation for Pet Memories to take care of your beloved family members.

Shawn and Taryn Dunner
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